Trademark Information - STEP 1


The date of first use anywhere is the date when the goods were first sold or transported or the services first rendered under the mark.

The date of first use in commerce is the date when the goods were first sold or transported, or the services first rendered, under the mark in a type of commerce that may be lawfully regulated by Congress.

What products or services are you using your trademark to advertise? Please provide links to any websites used to advertise your products or services. If you have other support materials to show use of your trademark in the related goods or servides other than website, please send them via email to

No problem. We will file a 6 month extension for you to file proof of use of the mark. Note that it is very important that you are actually using your trademark to advertise your goods and services to consumers at the time you claim you are. While an extension increases your costs to secure a registration, if you are ever involved in a trademark dispute in the future, inaccurate or false information submitted now to secure a registration can result in your registration being canceled for "fraud on the trademark office."

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