Trademarks filed on Jan 07, 2022 (Total 1895 trademarks)


Filed on Jan 07, 2022
Embroidery; Cloth patches for clothing; Embroidered emblems; Embroidered patches for clothing; Heat adhesive patches for repairing textile articles; Ornamental adhesive patches for jackets; Ornamental cloth patches; Patches for clothing made of rubber, plastic and vinyl; Patches for repairing textile articles
Dongguan Yushen Trading Co., Ltd
Rm 201, No.4, Nansi lane,Kangle new village, Houjie Town, Dongguan,Guangdong CHINA 523962


Filed on Jan 07, 2022
Battery chargers; Car navigation computers; Car televisions; Car video recorders; Digital audio and video recorders and players; Media players; Navigation apparatus for vehicles in the nature of on-board computers; Navigation apparatus for vehicles; Navigational instruments for vehicles; Portable audio players; Rearview cameras for vehicles; Rechargers for electric accumulators; Video screens
Shenzhenshi yihang dianzishangwu youxiangongsi
1-02 of Rm. B203, Blk. AB, Bldg. 1,Jinshun Ind. Park, No.29, Anju Rd., Longgang Dist,Shenzhen CHINA 518000


Filed on Jan 07, 2022
Adult sexual stimulation aids, namely, artificial penises, penis enlargers, vibrators, benwa balls and artificial vaginas; Adult sexual stimulation kit comprised primarily of adult sexual stimulation aids and a workbook; Aerosol masks for medical use; Baby bottles; Bed vibrators; Blood glucose meter; Blood oxygen monitors; Blood pressure and diabetic diagnostic medical devices; Blood pressure monitors; Blood pressure transducers; Breast pumps; Ear thermometers; Health monitoring devices consisting of blood pressure monitors, thermometers and pedometers; Inflatable life-sized dolls used in sexual activity; Sex toys
Loveorl Inc
201 Moreland Rd, Hauppauge, NEW YORK UNITED STATES 11788


Filed on Jan 07, 2022
Cabinets for loudspeakers; Chronographs for use as specialized time recording apparatuses; Computer peripheral devices; Dust masks; Ear pads for headphones; Ear plugs for divers; Earphones and headphones; Gloves for protection against accidents; Noise cancelling headphones; Protective ear covering shields; Protective face-shields for protective helmets; Protective helmets; Reflective safety vests
811 Haopinju, No.7 Lanyuan Road,,Guanhu Street, Longhua District,, Shenzhen CHINA 518111


Filed on Jan 07, 2022
Advertising, marketing and promotion services; Business advice and information; On-line advertising and marketing services; On-line retail store services featuring tableware, furnishings, cutlery, cookware and decorations; Procuring of contracts for the purchase and sale of goods; Promoting the goods and services of others via a global computer network; Providing a website featuring an online marketplace for exchanging goods and services with other users; Provision of an online marketplace for buyers and sellers of goods and services
Blewett, Katherine Eileen
6bis Lech Walesa, Nice FRANCE 06300


Filed on Jan 07, 2022
Acoustical insulation for buildings; Adhesive elastomeric tape for placement onto electronic devices to prevent slipping; Adhesive tape for industrial and commercial use; Anti-slip tape for placement on top of existing stair treads to prevent slipping; Caulking materials; Cushioning of indicate of rubber or plastic in the nature of stuffing; Electrical insulating rubber products; Insulating tapes; Masking tape; Neoprene, neoprene sheets and laminated neoprene sheets for further use in industrial manufacture; Padding materials of rubber or plastic; Rubber wheel chocks; Weatherizing membranes and vapor barriers; Weatherstripping for use in indicate use, e.g., automobiles, homes; Weatherstripping sealants in the nature of caulk
Chen Shaozhong
102, Building 1, Luotao South District,Panyu District, Guangzhou City CHINA 510000


Filed on Jan 07, 2022
Adhesive tape for industrial and commercial use; Adhesive tape for industrial or commercial packing use; Adhesive tape for sealing cartons for industrial or commercial use; Duct tape; Duct tapes; Electrical insulating tape; Electrical tape; Insulating tapes; Pipe joint tape; Thread seal tape
Su Shifang
No. 2, Suzhai Village, Mutang Town,,Danzhou City,, Hainan Province CHINA 571700


Filed on Jan 07, 2022
Clickers for training dogs; Computer monitor mounts; Educational apparatus, namely, blocks used as teaching aids for modeling chemical compounds, visualization of math concepts; Electrical annunciators; Electronic writing tablets; Graphics cards; LCD panels; Length measuring gauges; Protective sleeves for laptop computers; Rechargeable electric batteries; Safety products, namely, reflective helmet skirts
Shenzhen Siruibo Technology Co., Ltd.
805&905, Bldg E2, Meili 365 Garden,Longhua St., Longhua Dist., Shenzhen, Guangdong CHINA 518000


Filed on Jan 07, 2022
Adapter plugs; Audio cables; Audio headphones; Computer peripheral equipment; Covers for computer keyboards; Earphone accessories, namely, earphone cushions, earphone pads, earphone cases, and earphone extension cords; Electronic charging devices for tablet PCs that also include features to secure and disinfect the tablet PCs; Power adapters; Printer cables; USB cables
Ruijin Bafangda Trading Co., Ltd.
No. 4, Building 3, Zhumagang,Yaoqian Village, Xianghu Town, Ruijin, Jiangxi CHINA 342500


Filed on Jan 07, 2022
Bath bombs; Bath lotion; Cakes of toilet soap; Face milk and lotions; Hair rinses; Scented oils; Shower and bath foam; Shower bombs
Zhu, Shaoqing
Dormitory of Forestry Bureau, Jianshe Rd,Pingshan Yuanling, Huidong County, Guangdong Province CHINA 516399


Filed on Jan 07, 2022
Headphones; Cable junctions for electric cables; Car antennas; Computers and computer peripherals; Earphone accessories, namely, earphone cushions, earphone pads, earphone cases, and earphone extension cords; Electric cables, wires, conductors and connection fittings therefor; Ethernet transceivers; Memory card readers; Mounting devices for cameras and monitors; Pet collar accessories, namely, signaling bells; Portable digital electronic scales
Foshan Bocheng Chengcheng Trading Co., Ltd.
Room 2326-2327, Baihong Building,,No.77 Lingnan Rd, Dali Town, Nanhai Dist, Foshan City CHINA 528000


Filed on Jan 07, 2022
Bracelets; Pendants; Bracelets; Charm bracelets; Choker necklaces; Neck chains; Necklaces
Lai Kaixin
No. 20, Xupo, Longmen Village,,Anhou Town, Pinghe County,, Fujian Province CHINA 363700


Filed on Jan 07, 2022
Umbrellas; Bags for umbrellas; Beach umbrellas; Beach umbrellas; Frames for umbrellas; Frames for umbrellas or parasols; Golf umbrellas; Japanese oiled-paper umbrellas (janome-gasa); Japanese paper umbrellas (karakasa); Metal parts of umbrellas; Parasols; Patio umbrellas; Table umbrellas; Telescopic umbrellas; Umbrella bases; Umbrella covers; Umbrella frames; Umbrella handles; Umbrella or parasol ribs; Umbrella rings; Umbrella sticks; Umbrellas and parasols; Umbrellas and their parts; Umbrellas for children
Zhejiang Chenhao Umbrella Industry Co., Ltd.
Umbrella Industrial Zone, Songxia Town,,Shangyu District, Shaoxing City,, Zhejiang Province CHINA 312300


Filed on Jan 07, 2022
Balloons; Dice; Cat toys; Chips for gambling; Christmas tree ornaments, namely, bells; Cornhole bags; Cups for dice; Desktop toy sports games; Gaming chips; Jump ropes; Play balls and play balloons; Play houses and toy accessories therefor; Stacking toys; Toy guns; Trading cards for games
Shanghai Windmill Trade Co., Ltd
1F, Building 1, No.1755,Hongmei South,Road, Minhang District, Shanghai CHINA 201100


Filed on Jan 07, 2022
Backpacks; Beach bags; Cantle bags; Carry-all bags; Collars for pets; Cosmetic bags sold empty; Fashion handbags; Leather bags; Pet clothing; Pet hair ornaments; Reusable shopping bags; Sling bags; Textile shopping bags; Travel bags; Wristlet bags
Zhao Zhen
No. 7, Baiheguan,,Tianxin District,, Changsha CHINA 410000


Filed on Jan 07, 2022
Hookahs; Snuff; Ashtrays for smokers; Cartomizers, namely, combination electronic cigarette refill cartridges sold empty and atomizers, sold as a component of electronic cigarettes; Cases for electronic cigarettes and electronic cigarette accessories; Cigarette lighters; Cigarettes and cigars; Cigarettes containing tobacco substitutes not for medical purposes; Electric cigarettes; Electronic cigarette liquid (e-liquid) comprised of flavorings in liquid form, other than essential oils, used to refill electronic cigarette cartridges; Electronic cigarettes; Electronic cigarettes for use as an alternative to traditional cigarettes; Rolling tobacco; Tobacco pipes; Tobacco substitutes


Filed on Jan 07, 2022
Furniture; Pillows; Air beds, not for medical purposes; Beds for household pets; Dog kennels; Mirrored cabinets; Mirrors; Scratching posts for cats; Tool boxes; Decorative mirrors
Cozyray LLC
30 N Gould St Ste N, Sheridan, WYOMING UNITED STATES 82801


Filed on Jan 07, 2022
Lamps; Desk lamps; Electric night lights; LED light strips for decorative purposes; LED mood lights; Light projectors; String lights for festive decoration
Guangzhou Junfeng Trading Co., Ltd.
Shop No.316B,Area D,FangcunJingzhi Int'l,Hotel Supplies Cheng, No.65 Zijing Road, Liwan Dist., Guangzhou CHINA 510385


Filed on Jan 07, 2022
Battery chargers; Battery monitors; Cases for smartphones; Cell phones; Digital photo frames; Electric door bells; Electric signs; Electronic advertisement boards featuring a neon lamp; Electronic data recorders; Frames for photographic transparencies; Headphones; Headsets for remote communication; Radios for vehicles; Scales; Smart watches; Wearable activity trackers; Wireless headsets for smartphones
Shenzhen Yunmai Technology Co., LTD
401C06,Workshop No.1,No.41,Fengmen Rd,Gangtou Community,Bantian St,Longgang, Dist, Shenzhen CHINA 518100


Filed on Jan 07, 2022
Condoms; Artificial eyes; Artificial limbs; Contraceptive apparatus; Hair prostheses; Hearing aids; Love dolls; Pacifiers for babies; Sex toys; Vaginal syringes
Shenzhen Love of Beautiful Adults Products Co.,Ltd.
Rm 601,Huanan Development Center,No.1,,Huanan Avenue,Hehua Community,Pinghu St,, Longgang Dist,Shenzhen CHINA 518100


Filed on Jan 07, 2022
Air filters for automobile engines; Air screwdrivers; Chain saws; Clothes washing machines; Ignition wires for vehicle engines; Land vehicle parts, namely, spark plug wires; Lawn and garden string trimmer spools; Lawn mowers; Regulators being parts of machines; Starters for motors and engines; Vehicle parts, namely, carburetors
Guangzhou Chunjian Yusi Trading Co., Ltd.
(JM),X1301-H011136(Cluster registration),106 Fengze East Road, Nansha, Dist, Guangzhou CHINA 511455


Filed on Jan 07, 2022
real estate leasing and rental; real estate management; real estate services, namely, rental property management; real estate services, namely, providing access to fitness, game room and office computing equipment in residential real estate rental facilities
Alliance Realty Partners, LLC
2525 E Camelback, Suite 500, Phoenix, ARIZONA UNITED STATES 85016


Filed on Jan 07, 2022
Condoms; Artificial eyes; Artificial limbs; Contraceptive apparatus; Hair prostheses; Hearing aids; Love dolls; Pacifiers for babies; Sex toys; Vaginal syringes
Shenzhen Yibo Trading Technology Co., Ltd.
Rm 602, Huanan Development Center, No.1,,Huanan Avenue,Hehua Community,Pinghu St,, Longgang Dist,Shenzhen CHINA 518100


Filed on Jan 07, 2022
Card games; Educational toy for the purpose of the demonstration of alternative energy sources; Model toy vehicles; Party games; Toy for pets; Toy imitation cosmetics; Toys, namely, children's dress-up accessories
Xinxiang Mitu Trading Co., Ltd.
No.11,6F,Unit 1,Bldg 1,Xinxin Community,,No. 226, Laodong Middle St, Hongqi, Dist, Xinxiang, Henan CHINA 453000


Filed on Jan 07, 2022
Condoms; Artificial eyes; Artificial limbs; Contraceptive apparatus; Hair prostheses; Hearing aids; Love dolls; Pacifiers for babies; Sex toys; Vaginal syringes
Shenzhen Jiaxuan Adult Products Co., Ltd.
Rm 601, Huanan Development Center, No.1,,Huanan Avenue,Hehua Community,Pinghu St,, Longgang Dist,Shenzhen CHINA 518100


Filed on Jan 07, 2022
Couches; Footstools; Stools; Chair beds; Chaise longues; Collapsible platform seats and stools; Ergonomic chairs for use in seated massages; Living room furniture; Sleeper sofas
Anji rufan Furniture Co., Ltd
4/F, Zhejiang Haoguo Furniture Co., Ltd,Lesan Rd., Dipu St., Anji County, Huzhou, Zhejiang CHINA 313000


Filed on Jan 07, 2022
All-purpose athletic bags; All-purpose carrying bags; Backpacks, book bags, sports bags, bum bags, wallets and handbags; Beach bags; Canvas shopping bags; Fashion handbags; Handbags for ladies; Shoulder bags; Textile shopping bags; Travelling bags
Foshan Classic Culture Communication Co.,LTD
No.305, Blk C, Shunde Creative Industry,Park, No.41, Fengxiang Rd, Shunde Dist,, Foshan, Guangdong CHINA 528300


Filed on Jan 07, 2022
Yoga mats
Meridian Ventures, LLC
4342 N College Ave,4342 N College Ave, Indianapolis, INDIANA UNITED STATES 46205


Filed on Jan 07, 2022
Necklaces; Charms; Costume jewelry; Ear studs; Jewelry pins for use on hats; Jewelry, namely, crosses; Rings; Sports watches; Watch chains; Women's jewelry
No.66,Baimuyang Nanlaoli,Simu Village,Nanjing Town,Puning City, Guangdong Province CHINA 515300


Filed on Jan 07, 2022
Bottle fasteners, not of metal; Dowels, not of metal; Fishing baskets; Flagpoles; Flagpoles and plastic flags and accessories for flags and flagpoles sold together as a unit, namely, rods, rod supports and couplers, connectors, pins, brackets, clamps, fasteners, nuts and bolts, and pole supports; Hand-held flagpoles, not of metal; Indoor window shades; Lawn furniture; Letter boxes of plastic; Nameplates, not of metal; Non-metal door handles comprised of wood, antlers; Plastic doorknobs; Ring bearer pillows; Sections of wood for beehives; Wood poles
No.16,Xitang,Xinghuo Village,Shaokou Township,Wan'an County, Ji'an City,Jiangxi CHINA 343800