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  • Drafting up to 7 professional patent drawings
  • 15 years of design patent rights without any renewal fees

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Why Us
  • Design protection

    All are at your disposal as who can make, use or sell your design; and you can use the term "patent pending" or "patent issued."

  • Professional guidance and preparation

    Experienced agent will help prepare and file your application.

  • Technical illustrations

    A professional illustrator will draft your design according to USPTO requirements.

Which should I choose?
Design patents vs. utility patents

A design patent protects an item's unique ornamental design—how it looks. A utility patent protects how an item is used and works. Design patents are generally less complicated than utility patents and can be easier and cheaper to get. If your invention has a unique design and unique functionality, you may be able to file both a design and a utility patent application.

What qualifies for a design patent?

The design must be a part of the item and can't be separated from the item. For example, a label design on a wine bottle wouldn't qualify for a design patent, but a unique design of the bottle itself might qualify. The design is purely ornamental and does not affect the item's function.

How it works

  • Step 1

    Complete our design patent questionnaire

  • Step 2

    An experienced agent reviews your information

  • Step 3

    Your agent prepares and files your application with the USPTO


$750 + $240 Gov’t Fee
Standard package details:

An experienced agent will review your information and provide suggestions for improvement. Professional preparation of your design patent application. Technical drawings by a professional illustrator. Electronic filing of your application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).



$950 + $240 Gov’t Fee
Includes everything from Standard, plus:

A comprehensive design patent search to identify similar and related patents.


Government Filing Fees

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Micro entity $240
Small entity $480
Large entity $960

File your design patent application starting at $750 + Gov’t Fee

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