Protect the unique design of your product and keep copycats away

  • Quick and easy online questionnaire
  • Drafting up to 7 professional patent drawings
  • 15 years of design patent rights without any renewal fees

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Step 1
Tell us about your design by answering a few questions
Step 2
We will review it and clarify it with you
Step 3
We will prepare acceptable drawings for the design patent application
Step 4
We will file the design patent application with the US Patent Office
Step 5
If approved by the USPTO examiner, you will receive 15 years of design patent right

File your design with our simple, two-step process

Step One

Preliminary Assessment and Drawings


You receive:

Professional Consultation

A licensed patent agent will review your information and provide advice and suggestions for improvement

Technical Illustrations

Based on your photos or sketches, our technical illustrator will create up to 7 different viewpoints of professional drawings including front, back, left, right, top, bottom and 3-sided perspective.

Optional Patent Search

For an additional $295, we can conduct a comprehensive search for published patents and applications in your field of invention, and your patent attorney or agent will advise you on the results.

Step Two

Design Patent Application Filing

+ $204 Gov’t Fee *

You receive:

Follow-up Consultation

A licensed patent agent will review your information and discuss your application with you.

Preparation of Application

Your patent attorney or agent will prepare your application with the Patent Office. (Electronic filing ensures the earliest possible filing date)

Electronic Filing

Your patent attorney or agent will electronically file your completed application with the USPTO.



Ask legal questions and get advice about patent applications from an experienced patent professional.


While you wait for your design patent application to be reviewed by the US Patent Office, you get legal "patent pending" status


We are always here ready to answer your questions about the patent process or any other legal questions


Drawings that meet design patent application requirements, shaded to show your design's depth and form.


Design patent writing necessary for a design patent application.


You will receive an official receipt from the US Patent Office confirming acceptance of your patent application and showing your patent application number.

*$204 govt fee assumes you are classified as "micro entity" by USPTO. If you have filed more than 4 non-provisional patent apps in the past, or have an annual income of greater than $223,740, you may be classified as "small entity" which requires a $408 govt fee.

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Very pleased with the advice given and the professional way Boris Davis of LegalHoop dealt with our trademark application. Responses were quick and the whole process was very straight forward. Add to that LegalHoop's charges for their work are very good. We would have no hesitation in recommending their services. Thank you Boris!
Sylvana Brennan
Patient Help
While dealing with my busy work schedule and the need to work at odd hours, with an approaching USPTO deadline due to my procrastination, and with the fact that I have little familiarity with the patent and trademark world, Boris was spectacularly patient, responsive, and clear. Thank you.
Epistemic Crossroads
Excellent Assistance
Boris Davis was very helpful in my process of trademarking. 10/10 I would recommend. I have more work coming for Boris. The best in the business.
Ondrea Glover
Amazing Company
This trademark company is amazing. They were able to do two trademarks for me professionally and quickly. I highly recommend them.
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Satisfactory Process
I needed to file a Trademark Statement of Use. I used Legal Hoop and process was quick affordable and professional. I highly recommend using Legal Hoop for all Trademark Services.
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Efficient Service
Boris Davis of LegalHoop provides efficient service as always. Quick response in the process. Highly recommended.
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Clear Explanation
Boris was my go-to guy, and he was extremely helpful along the entire step and explained things I did not understand.
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Good Communication
Excellent, accurate legal assistance, good communication also. Would definitely recommend!
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Outstanding Service
Outstanding service and extremely knowledgeable! Highly Recommend!
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Effective Problem-solving and Reasonable Fee
very clearly explained all the issues in the office action and finally solved all of them with a flat fee.
Carl Bastien


Our patent professionals have worked on over 2500+ granted patents
Should I Request A Patent Search?

It's the first step before a patent application! First, you learn how patentable your invention may be.

If it's not very patentable, don't waste time and money on a patent application. Second, it may help you increase your patentability.

By seeing what is similar, you can improve your invention around other existing inventions and increase patentability.

Design Vs. Utility Patents

A design patent protects how your invention looks

Design Patent

Protects the shape of the invention only.

Does not stop someone from making the invention if they make it with a different exterior shape.

Cannot explain how the invention works and how it is put together.


A utility patent protects how your invention works

Utility Patent

Protects how the invention works.

Can stop someone from making the invention, regardless of the invention's shape.

Must explain how the invention works and how it is put together.