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If you unintentionally missed the deadline for responding to an office action or filing statement of use
or extension for statement of use, you may get Notice of Abandonment for your trademark.
DONT’T WORRY! You still have chance to revive it within 2 months after you got the notice of abandonment.
Avoid permanent abandonment with our help.

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Why Notice of Abandonment was issued on my trademark application?

Notice of abandonment is usually issued if you didn't respond to an office action or failed to file statement of use or extension for statement of use within a given period of time, which is usually 6 months after you got notice of office action, notice of allowance or notice of extension approval.

How to revive my application and how much would it take?

Filing petition to revive with additional government filing fees is mandatory and you must respond to the office action or file extension for statement of use at the same time. Our service fee of $499 is flat fee without any additional charges, which includes all government filing fees ($100-$400) . (For filing statement of use or extension for multiple class applications, the government filing fee for additional class may be charged.)

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Potential Government Fees are all included



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