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A Comprehensive Search can show you if there are other registered marks that, while not identical, are “confusingly similar” and therefore likely to result in marketplace confusion. “Confusingly similar” trademarks will cause your application to be refused.

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Why do I need comprehensive search?

If you're currently using or plan to use a trademark, it's always a good idea to see if there are similar marks that could be confused with yours, or might affect your ability to use and protect your trademark. Although we provide a powerful free search engine for you, that only powers direct-hit search, which could only partially lower the risks. If there are potentially confusing trademarks registered with the USPTO, those could affect your chances of registering your own mark. Also, if there are any potentially confusing marks already in use by businesses—even marks that haven't been registered—these could affect your ability to register or use your trademark.

What is considered a trademark conflict?

A conflict exists when one trademark is confusingly similar with another trademark already registered and/or being used in commerce. The principal factors used to determine if there would be a chance of confusion include:

  • The similarity of the marks
  • The commercial relationship between the products and/or services

In some cases, trademarks that may seem similar can coexist if they're unlikely to confuse a consumer. For example, two trademarks that may seem similar can both be allowed if they're used for unrelated products or services, and are therefore unlikely to cause consumer confusion.

National Search



Trademark Search

Search of pending applications and registered national trademarks to uncover any similar marks

Online results

Search results compiled online for easy reading and reference

WorldScan International Search


Includes everything from national search, plus:

International search

Search of pending applications (where available) and registered international trademarks including:

  • Canada
  • The United Kingdom
  • The European community
  • China(Analysis in English)
  • World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)