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Through our worldwide network of law firms, patent attorneys, and agents, we support individuals, academic entities, and companies in filing patent applications in one or more desired territories in a hassle free and streamlined manner. We routinely file hundreds of PCT National Phase Applications and Paris Convention Applications every year with clear transparency on costing and reporting.



Many countries require local language translations of patent. Patent specifications, being technical legal documents, require translations to be done in a highly professional manner retaining the most appropriate and technically relevant translated terms to ensure that the claims are accurate and map to the original filing. While at the same time it needs to meet the specific requirements of each individual country as the patent documents.



IP/Patent Portfolio Management forms a critical process and relies on dynamic portfolio development, mapping, and review process. Our IP/ Patent Portfolio Management is a comprehensive service that includes the constant monitoring of an organization’s Intellectual Property assets by our experts and professionals who are highly experienced in all fields of IP across all stages.



Post patent grant activities are as critical as patent application. LegalHoop can assist you by providing a reliable and transparent patent renewal service. We can support a patentee in the evaluation and assessment of their patent portfolio, budgeting as well as monitoring deadlines, and attending to payment of applicable fees.

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Professional Advice and Quick Response
Very pleased with the advice given and the professional way Boris Davis of LegalHoop dealt with our trademark application. Responses were quick and the whole process was very straight forward. Add to that LegalHoop's charges for their work are very good. We would have no hesitation in recommending their services. Thank you Boris!
Sylvana Brennan
Patient Help
While dealing with my busy work schedule and the need to work at odd hours, with an approaching USPTO deadline due to my procrastination, and with the fact that I have little familiarity with the patent and trademark world, Boris was spectacularly patient, responsive, and clear. Thank you.
Epistemic Crossroads
Excellent Assistance
Boris Davis was very helpful in my process of trademarking. 10/10 I would recommend. I have more work coming for Boris. The best in the business.
Ondrea Glover
Amazing Company
This trademark company is amazing. They were able to do two trademarks for me professionally and quickly. I highly recommend them.
Joe Garofalo
Satisfactory Process
I needed to file a Trademark Statement of Use. I used Legal Hoop and process was quick affordable and professional. I highly recommend using Legal Hoop for all Trademark Services.
Shawn Laidlaw
Efficient Service
Boris Davis of LegalHoop provides efficient service as always. Quick response in the process. Highly recommended.
Bernice Nuan
Clear Explanation
Boris was my go-to guy, and he was extremely helpful along the entire step and explained things I did not understand.
Aj Joseph
Good Communication
Excellent, accurate legal assistance, good communication also. Would definitely recommend!
Anon Ymous
Outstanding Service
Outstanding service and extremely knowledgeable! Highly Recommend!
Rodney Morales
Effective Problem-solving and Reasonable Fee
very clearly explained all the issues in the office action and finally solved all of them with a flat fee.
Carl Bastien


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