PCT/Paris Route Entering Into Luxembourg

In Luxembourgian Patent Law, “invention-creations” include Patent and Design.

“Patent” means any new and useful process, machine, manufacture, or composition of matter, or any new and useful improvement thereof. In Luxembourg, “Patent” requires no substantive examination, which means the applicant can get a patent certificate no matter what. If the applicant request an European Search by the LU Patent Office during application, the patent can last as long as 20 years. Else, it can last as long as 6 years. To save cost, a lot of applicants choose not to request an European Search during application.

“Design” means any new, original and ornamental design for an article of manufacture. Once granted, it can last as long as 25 years.

The applicant should enter Luxembourg by PCT national phase within 20 months, or by Paris Convention Route within 12 months from the priority date.

The Reasons to Choose Luxembourg:

Reasonable Application and Maintenance Fees

Most Likely to Obtain a Patent Certificate

Fast Grant Cycle (Within 12 Months)

Filing to Grant Procedure for Patent



Filing National Application (PCT Route/Paris Convention Route);



Preliminary Examination By The Office;



Publication Of The Patent (Within 18 Months After Application);



Issuance Of Patent Certificate (Taking Around 1 Year After Application).



Full name, address and nationality of Applicant(s)

Full name and address of Inventor(s)

PCT Application number if it’s PCT National Phase, Else Original Patent Application Information is Required.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When should I file the PCT national entry into Luxembourg? icon icon
  • You’d better enter Luxembourg by PCT national phase within 20 months.
What’s the requirement of language for the patent application? icon icon
  • English version of specification and French or German version of claims.
When should I request the substantive examination? icon icon
  • Patent in Luxembourg requires no substantive examination.
Is it hard to get it granted in Luxembourg and how long will it takes? icon icon
  • It is easy to get it granted in Luxembourg and it will take around 1 year after application. If you don’t request an European Search during application, you can save more costs and get the grant faster.

Estimated Cost for Filing a Patent

Price (USD)
Attorney Fee
Govt Fee*
Translation Fee of Claims (into French/German)**

Govt fee will be charged later since we need to check the claims and specification of your PCT Application/Original Patent Application in case there’s any additional govt fee according to the Patent Office rules.


Translation fee is estimated on the basis of our previous orders. It will be charged later since we need to check the number of words in abstract, specification and claims.