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Why do I need to register a trademark internationally?

Business development has no border but trademark protection has. Trademark protection exists only in countries where your registrations are successful. Protecting your trademark internationally is important if you will expand your products or services in other regions, which does legal support to enhance your brands overseas. Your business can go steadily in the international market. For every client with wise choice and professionalism, international trademarks are absolutely your career intangible assets.

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Country Basic Package Choose
USA $149.00
Canada $345.00
China $249.00
Hong Kong $349.00
EU $549.00
UK $249.00
Australia $299.00
New Zealand $349.00
Singapore $349.00
Brazil $499.00
Chile $699.00
Colombia $999.00
Jamaica $449.00
Mexico $449.00
Panama $699.00
Peru $499.00
Uruguay $699.00
Belarus $1,199.00
Benelux $799.00
Croatia $799.00
Cyprus $899.00
Czech $1,099.00
Denmark $699.00
France $399.00
Germany $399.00
Italy $899.00
Latvia $449.00
Lithuania $449.00
Moldova $449.00
Monaco $449.00
Norway $699.00
Romania $699.00
Russia $499.00
Slovakia $1,099.00
Slovenia $449.00
Spain $599.00
Sweden $449.00
Switzerland $449.00
Ukraine $499.00
Algeria $449.00
Congo $1,399.00
Kenya $699.00
Morocco $699.00
Nigeria $449.00
South Africa $699.00
Tunisia $449.00
India $249.00
Indonesia $449.00
Japan $349.00
Malaysia $299.00
Philippines $349.00
South Korea $349.00
Taiwan $349.00
Vietnam $449.00
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